Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Time

As some of you know, I spend the month of December reflecting on the past year - both as a way to celebrate the great year, to reflect on what really matters and to "capture and retire" memories so I can move on with the next year.

One of my favorite topics (which happens annually on my date of December 24) is the topic of "First times."

All throughout the year, I keep a list of things I did for the first time. It constantly reminds me to get out there an create new an exciting adventures - every year - instead of being satisfied with what "is" or what has happened. It know it isn't very zen like, but for me, it is a great reminder that we don't get old until we stop doing new things. At least that is my story for now - and I am sticking to it.

So - if you had to look back and think about what you did FOR THE FIRST TIME in 2011, what would your list look like?

Here is my list. In no particular order. The exercise is fun for me - because it both reminds me to continue to try to new things - but at the same time, celebrate in the cool new things I did for the year!

FIRST TIME 2011 (First pass)

To go Ziplining among a canopy of trees (in Costa Rica)

To attend an underground meal (based upon wild forest and seashore foraging)

To go on a full family cruise (Happy 50th anniversary Mom and Dad!)

To Visit Hongzhou, China (to see the famous moon lake)

Took my parents to Las Vegas, Orlando and on a cruise

To visit the famous GE Crotonville

To visit Tartine Bakery - perhaps the best in the US?

To visit Park City, Utah

To use Prezi

To sit next to a famous cookbook author for a truffle dinner

To say at Ventura Beach

To ride one of the Chinese long distance bullet trains

To really be mountain biking on a mountain (Mt. Burrell in Australia)

To read Orson Scott Card - and the first of the Ender books (and I will be reading many more!)

To prepare, launch and teach 40 ipads

To mix my own meritage wine (on purpose) - St. Jean Chateau

To meet my first great best friend since school ended (You are wonderful Kelly!)

To make and eat Padron Peppers (thanks to Karie who gave me my first taste!)

To have a Sonora Dog in Tucson (with friend Karen!)

To hang out with bloggers at a conference - and be known at the HR Futurist!

To go to a bubble gum alley (on the Megan California Trip!)

To fall off a mountain (yikes. Head over heals with a mountain bike? The knee still hurts...)

To eat deep fried duck chins (not much meat!)

To do a 12 hour pub crawl (Brandan and Gered - you are pals!)

To be working for the top strategy company

To attend a pop up dinner and the first ever "Le Blanc" party in San Francisco (thanks to my white dressed friends Karie, Jim and Sharon!)

To stand in line to eat a Foie Gras covered hotdog (Haut Dogs in Chicago)

To play Rockin Olives with my mother (A Las Vegas memory I will cherish)

To go to Palm Springs (a bit of work - and play)

To have a Molecular Gastronomy Meal (Moto in Chicago. 21 courses...)

To meet someone else named Richard Von Feldt (Only three of us that I know of. The other one I have not met is a cop in Las Vegas. Not sure I want to meet him...)

To have my own bird feeder (I also realize that it feeds mice!)

To eat housemade tofu made at the table (Thanks Sherry)

To create a board game for 80 people. (Phewww. What a ride!)

To eat at a David Chang Restaurant. And that of at least 10 other celebrity chefs, including Tio, Morimoto and more)

To make Kangaroo and Duck Fish Carpaccio (The food supplies in Australia are amazing. Thanks for the tour - and patience Narelle!)

To really contemplate what "getting old means" based upon the people around me (going to be a tough birthday this year?)

And a few other things that probably are not appropriate to add to the internet!

What a fun 2011!

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